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How your Donation Helps

Can you imagine leaving a dangerous situation with only the clothes on your back? 

Can you imagine trying to get your life back on track for you and your children in that amount of time?

The average stay for a family at our emergency shelter is 6 weeks.  Micah’s Place would not be able to provide services to survivors of domestic violence without the generous donations we receive from our community!  There are a variety of ways to make a donation.



Thank you to everyone who donated — we have raised enough to purchase a brand new AED


Donate Money

Your donations help us serve survivors

Stocks, Bonds, Funds, Etc.

Make a gift of your securities.

Wills & Estates

Leave a Legacy

Donation of Items

Provide items in need at our shelter

Night of Safety Campaign

Support a night for a survivor.

Holiday Gift Card Drive

Brighten up a holiday for a survivor.

Have you already made a donation?  You can now get a receipt by clicking our link:



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