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We understand that domestic violence and abuse can occur in any intimate relationship. Victims of domestic violence often feel it is their fault, and they can somehow change what is happening to them. It is not your fault and you are not responsible for your partner’s abusive behavior.

If you are currently experiencing emotional, physical, psychological, economical, verbal, or any other kind of abuse, we can help you. If you are in a controlling relationship, we can help you. We will work with you to develop a Safety Plan. Call our 24 hour Crisis Hotline: 904 225-9979 or 800 500-1119 .

Domestic violence is defined as a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors. It almost always involves various forms of control – physical, sexual, psychological, economic, etc. Domestic violence is not isolated to people who are married; it occurs with dating adolescents, same sex couples and adults living together. The defining characteristic is that they share an intimate relationship with their abuser.

Emergency Shelter: Every survivor and family who resides at Micah’s Place will have advocates to support them with safety, healing, education, housing, self-sufficiency and independence. There is 24-hour specialized staff that is available to help survivors and their children in need at any time. Case managers and advocates meet on a continuous basis with the women throughout their stay in the emergency shelter, as well as provide resources, support groups and referrals for other programs or support services.

Additionally, resources are available in the areas of domestic violence education, safety planning, employment, housing, financial literacy, food & nutrition, and transportation. With help from community partners, we are able to connect survivors will additional services available in Nassau County.

Our shelter is in a confidential location. You can expect a warm home for you and your children. We will provide food and all other “survival needs”. There are no charges for staying in our shelter.

Youth Program: Our Youth Program Manager provides children in the shelter with child assessments, case management, assists them with daily activities and provides the child and/or parent with appropriate referrals. Child Assessments are completed  on all children under the age of 18 entering the shelter, assessments evaluate the basic needs of children served by the program, and the referral of children to services when appropriate. This service also includes screening for child abuse, neglect and risk.

Community Education: Trained staff and volunteers present community education to the public.

Professional Training: Trained staff provides professional training to law enforcement, judicial agencies, mental health professionals and other professionals and paraprofessionals throughout the community.

Counseling: Staff provides information on the dynamics of domestic violence and engages in supportive activities. Counseling is provided by telephone and in person.

Prevention Programs: These programs educate students from Pre-K to High School, about healthy relationships, dating violence and bullying, and provide resources and referrals to help.

Outreach Services: Outreach staff provide intervention services for victims, and their families, of domestic violence who are not currently seeking shelter or have transitioned out of shelter. Outreach services may include; goal setting and advocacy, danger assessments, information and referrals, domestic violence education, educational support groups, legal advocacy, case management, and individual safety planning. Micah’s Place maintains outreach offices in Fernandina Beach and Callahan.  Please call 904-491-6364 x105 to meet with an Outreach Advocate.

Support Groups: Community Support Groups are offered weekly on an outreach basis. Micah’s Place provides groups and workshops that focus on safety, self-identity, healing, education and self-sufficiency.

For individuals who may require accommodations, more information is available here:  Auxiliary Aids and Services Plan SummaryOR, if you prefer larger text, here: Auxiliary Aids and Services Plan Summary.



Nassau County:

Emergency… 911

Local DV Hotline… 904-225-9979

Florida Toll Free DV Hotline –800-500-1119

Nassau County Sheriff’s Office

Dispatch… 904-879-3853

Yulee… 904-225-0331

Bryceville… 904-879-2009

Callahan… 904-879-1563

Fernandina Beach:

Police Department… 904-277-7340

Rape Crisis Hotline… 904-355-7273

Child Abuse Hotline… 800-96Abuse (800-962-2873)


Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence |

Florida Department of Children and Families |

Department of Justice Violence Against Women Office |

Department of Corrections – link to offender searches |

Florida Department Law Enforcement (sexual offender database) |

Women’s Center of Jacksonville