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Everyone Deserves a Healthy Relationship!

Do you know someone who is being hurt? Or someone who is causing harm? Are you worried about what might be happening in a loved one’s relationship? You are not alone — we are here to help!  People are more likely to turn to their community (friends, family, YOU) than they are to professionals.

You can talk with an advocate anytime (you don’t have to be in crisis) to sort out how to help someone who is in an abusive relationship. You can call or text the Micah’s Place hotline at (904) 225-9979 or, if you are not in our area, you can reach out to your local domestic violence program to get support.

Talking to Teens

Conversations with the young people in your life about relationships are always a good idea. Talking to your teenager about how their relationship makes them feel can be a window into seeing if things are healthy or unhealthy. We have lots of resources to help you get that conversation started.

There is a special hotline devoted to supporting teens called Love is Respect. 

You or your teen can reach out by calling, toll-free (866) 331-9474, texting LOVEIS to 22522 or chatting online at loveisrespect.org.


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