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Spirit of Empowerment Holiday Giving Program

Our 2024 Spirit of Empowerment Gift Card Drive has begun!

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The Spirit of Empowerment Gift Card Drive meets the biggest need for survivors during the holidays. Unlike toy drives, the Gift Card Drive gives parents who were victims of domestic violence hope and empowers them to be independent.  The sad truth is that many people who leave an abusive relationship do not have the financial support to buy presents for their children and often have not had access to finances in a healthy way.

This drive empowers parents by allowing them to personally buy their children just the right gift!

We always accept gift cards to help assist survivors with specific needs that we may not have on hand or are unable to fund directly. We find that Walmart, Target, Winn Dixie and Publix are most practical in providing help. Denominations can vary anywhere between $10 – $500.

For more ways to donate throughout the year, visit our donation page:  HERE

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