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!NEW! — Micah’s Place Domestic Violence Support Group — Please call (904) 225-9979 for times and locations — !NEW!

Domestic violence or abuse comes in many forms, including the following:

    • Emotional
    • Psychological
    • Sexual
    • Physical

Abuse can include:

    • Hitting, slapping, pushing
    • Restraining or prevention of you from walking away or leaving
    • Name calling, insulting
    • Threatening, intimidating
    • Coercion
    • Financial controls

Speak with an Advocate

When you call Micah’s Place, an advocate will help you evaluate the degree of danger that exists in the relationship and help you prepare a safety plan to address your immediate need. Sometimes it’s difficult to realize the danger because you’ve coped so well, for so long. However, it is vital that you call as soon as you suspect abuse so that you can come up with a safety plan to reduce the abuser’s opportunity to hurt you and your family. (Note: If you are calling Micah’s Place on behalf of a friend who may be a survivor, we encourage you to call early when you first suspect danger. The sooner a safety plan can be put in place the better!).

Micah's Place 24-HOUR HOTLINE
Call or Text - 904-225-9979 (TTY 904-225-9979)


Florida Domestic Violence Hotline:
(800) 500-1119, TDD: (800) 621-4202

Survivor Support Services

♦ Domestic Violence Shelter

Micah’s Place provides refuge, crisis intervention, and advocacy for up to 45 days when home is not a safe place. Shelter participants receive emergency clothing, food, personal care items, support groups, economic empowerment programs, justice advocacy, and other services.

♦ Support Groups & Individual Counseling

Micah’s Place offers individual and group counseling to victims of domestic violence. Weekly support groups address issues regarding domestic violence and its impact on the family.

♦ Justice Advocacy

Micah’s Place advocates offer assistance and support to survivors as they apply for injunctions for protection at Clerk of Court offices, provide support to survivors in criminal court proceedings and refer victims to legal services as needed.

♦ Child Protection Advocacy

Micah’s Place provides in-home services including information and referrals, relocation assistance, justice advocacy and crisis intervention to families identified through the Nassau County Child Protection Investigation Department.

♦ Purple Dove Resale Centers

Micah’s Place program participants receive gift certificates to purchase needed items at the Purple Dove Resale Centers. All other items are sold to fund our programs.

♦ Primary Prevention

Micah’s Place is committed to providing youth with the tools and resources they need to help end domestic violence. Through our prevention efforts, we are always looking for ways to reach out to youth and encourage teen involvement, particularly those who are residing in our emergency shelter.

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